What makes Bronte’s Pistachio DOP a unique variety are its organoleptic properties, smell and colour inherited from the Moorish domination. The harvest is an antique tradition and an opportunity for families and friends to meet together in moments of authentic conviviality.

Every two years, between the end of August and the early days of September, farmers pick pistachios by hand, make them drop one by one inside a shoulder bag. This genuine rite takes place in the impervious and rocky volcanic soil and ends every day with the separation of the husk from the hard shell that contains the green kernel. Thereafter, the shelled pistachios are spread out in the sun to dry for several days, right under the vigilant eye of farmers, always ready to run and cover the pistachios in case of bad weather conditions. Our guests may undertake all the stages of this old tradition, tasting the precious green fruit.